Serving Suggestions…..

The Hudnott’s berry range can be enjoyed in many different ways.

PAMPLUNA, in a cocktail shaker addequal measures of Hudnott’s Grapefruit Vodka, Hudnott’s Raspberry Brandy and gin, top up with lemon-lime soda and drain into highball glass filled with ice.
SUMMER SANGREA, add some Hudnott’s Grapefruit Vodka to red wine, top up with lemonade and tonic water​. Add sliced orange, lemon, lime and plenty of ice!
ODE TO ANGUS, equal measures of gin and Hudnott’s Grapefruit Vodka with elderflower tonic water and ice!
KEEP IT SIMPLE, by simply pouring over ice.
MAKE IT LAST, by topping up your favourite hudnott’s with tonic water or lemonade.
WINTER WARMER, add Hudnott’s into some warm spiced apple juice or cider for a warming Christmas tipple.
SPECIAL FIZZ, pimp your Prosecco or champagne with 25ml of Hudnott’s.
DELIGHTFUL DESSERT, pour your favorite Hudnott’s over ice-cream!
SMOOTH AND CREAMY, combine Hudnott’s Coffee Rum with cream and pour over ice.
WHITE RUSSIAN, add 50ml Hudnott’s Coffee Rum and 25ml vodka to ice cold milk for a Hudnott’s White Russian!
ESPRESSO MARTINI, add 25ml Hudnott’s Coffee Rum, 25ml vodka and a single or double shot of espresso to a cocktail shaker with crushed ice.  Shake and serve.
More delicious serving suggestion coming soon….