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Hudnott’s “Curiously Delicious” concoctions are lovingly hand-crafted with care and attention. Unhurried filtering and generous ageing before bottling give these unique blends their extraordinary charm.

Brimming with intrigue, each variety combines natural ingredients and spirits to tantalise and DELIGHT the taste buds. Which will you discover next…?


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Hudnott's Redcurrant Vodka Spirit Drink

All go for the new year!!

After having to cancel the events last year due to my pregnancy, I’m back and raring to go!! We’ve attended a couple of events this year so far with many …

New Event!

Hudnott’s has managed to get a stand at the Frome Agriculture and Cheese Show on Saturday 9th September 8.30 – 6pm WHAT’S ON A Jam Packed Day of Entertainment… and Cheese! A …